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Posted on 17, 2012
Nairobi- Pawa254

An evening that opened up our eyes; " Are you ready for us?" in "Pawa254"

Pawa254. A space for freelancers, community managers, photographers, graffitiartists, hip-hopers, illustrator, online media writers to share, work together, create together, act together.

We had the honor, the pleasure and the luck to meet & co-operate with Sasha Kinney, a political organizer from the USA and Boniface Mwangi, from Kenya, an activist photographer, awarded with CNN Africa Photojournalist of the year 2008 and 2010 among many other awards, running Picha Mtaani, http://pichamtaani.org/ an initiative that focuses on reconciliation through photographic exhibitions and debate.

Understanding the citizen´s responsibility awakening initiatives, through education, documentation & community action, made us feel cripples. Initiatives with volume & impact, that are moving & impressing any one that
This is what young people can do & practically, do.

It s starting in Africa. Whereas the Arab countries started the youth movement, and impulsed fast the spanish and other european & north american youth to express themselves and demand equal rights, southern Africa ismoving in a more national& local level, driving change in each individual they interact with and day by day, transforming the communities that still suffer from tribalism, religion and strict hierarchical and intimidating structures.

Looking forward for the community that we will be building together in some days... and feel the power they hold in their hands, hearts and minds.