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Posted on 14, 2012
Nairobi - Plan B

Space of Dialogue in Nairobi 1: " Are youreadyforus?" in "Plan B"
Firstday in Nairobi; firstmorning; firstdiscovery of a young, vibrant, active world; Plan B and friends.

A live community of producers of online radio, youth advocates, engineers, artists, youth trainers coming together in a different setting; using their experiences, knowledge and from the ground information, they ve designed how they, can support the accelaration of youth impact in the environments that they are moving along and are influencing every day.

The conversations were mainly arounda ccess to information, tribalism & politics; what is the role that youth, whohavethe opportunity to reach wider audiences, has? how through radio, their art, their presentations & speeches can transform & make visible the proposal, needs, thoughts & demands of the active youth community.

Looking forward for their next move,
"Are you ready for us?" they say.