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Posted on 18, 2012
Nairobi- UN

The UN experience; our first time in the harbors of the UN- seeing how an international organization that supports & advices governments is working, was interesting. What was also interesting, was the fact that there were so many youth organizations represented.

The key take aways, would be:

• How can we strengthen in Citizenship, when now its sense has been reduced to voting? How can we redefine the concept & responsibility of citizenship for young people?
• A quote in a workshop "Leadershipis a balance between collaboration and ownership".
• Is there really a space for youth to play a key role? If yes, what is that? Where is it? And what is the way to create more spaces where youth do play a key role?
• Importance of the involvement of freelancers, activists, youth entrepreneurs, etc in the creation & decision making & representation of youth in governmental, global & national institutions; it s fundamental to have youth players from the ground, embracing different mentalities, backgrounds, minds & experiences.
• The idea is to really engage & co-create with youth; not to train young politicians- A line that was shared, heard & supported- thankfully, by many people present there.

Fruitful conversations, people with incredible stories, connections, co-designing and co-experiencing an important event like this.

We indeed look forward in be engaged, participate & drive more discussions likethis, but mainly, we are looking forward for the proposals for youth inclusion in the UN structure, to be realized.