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Posted on 28, 2013
The result of Youth 21 in Nairobi: Envoy of the Youth for the UN Secretary


Almost a year ago, one of the most we were invited to the Youth 21 conference, a co-creation of UN Habitat & UNDP, to participate in the design of the role & the process for election of a Youth representative in the UN conferences & agendas.


Here is our experience there...



What is important to highlight is the obvious focus of the UN community, to embrace & work better with the youth, for a better present & future.


This movement, began by the UN youth employers themselves, who were seeing that the decisions, the structure & the work that the UN has, is insufficient, traditional & slow.

Through different discussions that started unofficially, more adults begun to get engaged, till the whole movement around the inclusion of youth in the decision making & implementation of strategies become priority in the UN agenda. 


Some days ago, the Envoy of Youth in the UN was announced. Here, the respective announcement.


A young man from the Middle East, with a strong trajectory on advocacy in different countries, takes over the role of bringing the youth perspective directly to the UN tables.


One person only cannot represent the whole youth of the Earth, that is certain. Appointing a person to give advice, is not enough either. 


It has to be granded with the right to decide and manage resource. It s also important that this decision making & access to resource is been given to more than one person, and to multidisciplinary backgrounds (not only to "young politicians", as we were calling them with my friend from Republic of Macedonia during the meeting in Nairobi, but also to young professionals, activists, entrepreneurs, researchers..)


In a world that is moving more & more into the collective & the participatory, colossuses, like many humanitarian & policy making institutions, have to adapt in the current trends & keep up with the rhythms; because time waits for no one and the youth, we see it every day, achieve more & more outside the traditional structures, innovating & bringing direct impact.


Till then, we keep connecting people, indulging, understanding & working with the youth doers.