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Ismael Chaib

Tesobe y MakeSense
Tesobe We make sense

◦ Trying to survive is a natural thing; the past is ruling us, so it is normal that as youth, we providing the change. Change doesn't happen by itself, we need people to make it happen.

"the social media is just an accelerator, not initiator! A tool that helps; not the starting point."

◦ Inside anyone there is a huge potential of change and it should not be unused; for example in Algeria, there are 35 million people, 70 % of them is young. There are a lot of young people; and there are a lot of people doing nothing. How much unused potential is there...!"

◦ If I had the chance to be with all the adults, i would rather listen what they have to say from their experiences. Great experiences, great people. This is how ideas are expanding all over the world"

◦ "I wouldn't say I am different; the thing is that at some point I had good support and examples. Self-confidence and belief that we can do it and that we can change something. It is about people to change themselves. The philosophy is not to wait until the government does something; you have to do it by yourself. So our collective project is about changing this culture, and create another one."