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Joao Felipe Scarpellini

Activist and social entrepreneur

ºI ve started when I was 13 and I decided to write this mail  and send it to as many people as possible, saying  “how can I help ? How can we work together?

but I only got back 5 answers.... three of them said “OK donate here”, oryou are too young to make an impact”.

◦As a kid i was wondering why there were people just like me, asking for food in the streets; why i should close the windows of the car when i was passing from certain areas.. people were telling me, i was too young to understand.

We ve visited an orphanage; the children where as old as i was. We had spent 3 moths raising food for them, but we were not allowed even to touch them. When i was asking why, people were telling me, i was too young to understand..

In school i was asking how can we spend the same time learning about the lions and as we do for the people.....But again, the asnwer was that I was to young to understand...

◦ When politics/ institutions talk about young people, some times talk about education and other times about sports... but youth itself is a different topic. We should treat youth as a whole .

◦ If you want something, just be patient and try it. If you want to contact your government, just Google it. It is all about research.