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Laney Strange


◦ I want to do this, and i will do it. Nothing can come in my way. I dont know what i will want to do in 5 years, but i know what i want to do right now; And i m going for it.

◦ Experience made who i am. When i was working for a minimal wage job, i was thinking i will never get to University, i would never have the opportunity. And yet, i did it. And then i was wondering how will i contribute through my work and now i m doing it. So i m looking forward to contribute further than my job, and i know i can do it, because i have this ability.

º I was the only woman in the room, and the only one talking about it. Everybody think i m crazy. Professors, family. They dont know what i m doing and they dont understand why i left Amazon and i m now a product manager in an NGO. But with eyes open i m crazy, as i know that my choices cannot be reversable.