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Luis Ivan Cuende


◦ Asturix can compete against windows or mac. Moreover that the technical project, the aim is to spread free software philosophy, making visible that there is other way of doing things. Besides from being good as an operating system, it is ethical, and is fighting against big lobbies.

◦ Thereis a thin line between an open project and the chaos.

◦ When people find out about my project, there are several kinds of reactions: the destructive one, which means jealousy and close mentality; the neutral one, which implies ignoring it and doing nothing and the positive one, "Look what this guy is doing; Let's write something about it". But, rarely they say "Let s work with him."

◦ On the current educational system, they teach us how to walk and not how to jump. It doesn't inculcate self- steem, the thought of "I can do it!". It is inculcated " do not jump, because if you fall over, everyone is going to laught at you". We shouldn't be scared of failure, neither ashamed, because it ´s not bad to fail; it s not bad to fall. The goal should be the highest test on your capacity, and we should keep trying to achieve that.  Our education should teach us how to be prudent, how to innovate; and not focus only on what was done centuries ago.