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AIESEC in Spain

Malaga, Spain - April, 2012

AIESEC in Spain & "rUreD4us?" decided to come together. AIESEC is one of the biggest platforms for youth empowerment & leadership. As an organization, it works like a platform where youth acquire a lot of experience, build up credibility and in an environment of peers, supporters & mentors they can drive positive change in theirs and foreign local, national & global communities.

Being in the moment of deciding their next steps & commitments for the year, was a perfect match! We brought the laboratory in the AIESEC plenary; and we co-created & co-designed what are the drivers & actions that AIESEC in Spain has to have, in order to promote

So, in a sense, we revisited & reconnected with the deep essence of AIESEC and we dressed it up with new initiatives that are expanding & exploring its impact. Understanding what the youth need in our local/national environment, we saw what we can take from the AIESEC structures & models that are already there, plus, what we need to add, in order for AIESEC to be more relevant, representative and greatly contributing in the acceleration & nurturing of youth impact.

The best ideas where included in the AIESEC in Spain year Planning, ensuring that the respective actions will be taken.

Here, a video documentary of what had happened:

For more information: http://www.achieve2012.es & http://www.aiesec.org/spain