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Kuala Lumpur- Urban Village

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- December 2012 - December, 2013

And we went to Asia…!

With our key question always in the center, "How can we accelerate the youth impact in South East Asia?", part of the team this time, due to the financial obstacles, went to Malaysia.


We had the honor to be invited to the 8th World Islamic Economic Forum, to present  to 800 leaders from the political & capital scene why and how they can support & engage with youth.


Before reaching Johur to present the outputs of the "Are you ready for us?" research, we hosted a first Think Tank with 20 selected youth leaders & entrepreneurs.


There is a big trend on youth empowerment in Malaysia. More & more organizations are working towards the engagement of the youth, something that is positive. However, it has a lot of drawbacks as many times is used as promotion and less, as grounded policy & practice.


Key topics that were discussed were:

  • tribal differences
  • political corruption
  • inactive youth & groups of youth that are talking a lot, but not contributing
  • overprotection of parents to youth
  • super high expectations towards youth, combined with traditional indicators on what success is


Youth are gathering in many different forums, and it s the first time that we come across such a big critical mass of active youth that are participating, engaging, connecting, sharing & moving resources, co-producing & co-creating projects of big size & impact.


Here, the summitry of the asian adventure.



Some of the partners of the Malaysian community:








Two to go! Middle East & South America, we are coming soon.