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Nairobi - Pawa254

Nairobi, Kenya - March, 2012

"How can we accelerate the youth impact in Kenya 2012? What is our youth plan?"
40 thinkers & do-ers of the Kenian pioneering scene, came together to co-design the action plan around youth empowerement in the country.

In a country that more than the 36% of the population is youth (between 14-32) and it s forming the 60% of the total active labour force, there is a great expulsion of them from the Society.

Diging down this problem, we found causes & opportunities to change this reality.

Some of these key questions we present here:
1) How can we open up access to information?
In an environment of big wealth injustice and access to infrastructure (internet, libraries, electricity, etc) how can each individual get the adequate information, so that they can judge for themselves what they want in terms of political representation, health practises, daily principles & behaviors in the family?

2)How can we build the culture of justice?
How can we really keep the government accountable? How can we break practises of inequality in the different societal constalations (from family to community to national levels)?

After agreeing on concrete ideas on how to tackle the different opportunities identified, this community is now responsable to bring everything into reality.

Here, a summary of what happened in this gathering.

Some of the members of this community: